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What is Cali's Smile?

This specific non-profit is designed to assist special needs families in Mississippi to make their day to day lives easier and more functional by providing modification to their homes, funding for travel to offset expenses for out-of-town medical procedures, and assistance with purchases that improve their quality of life!

So many things we take for granted, like being able to transport our children easily, steps (or ramps) for entering and exiting our house or an adequately sized bathroom, are problem areas for this group. I hope through generous donations from friends, family members and businesses who have a heart for the special needs world, we can resolve some of these problems for the children in our state.

Meet Cali

The company’s namesake is a little girl named Cali McCleave. Cali is a 8-year-old child born with microcephaly. As a result of struggles with seizures, which in turn caused multiple medical concerns, she requires in-home nursing and around the clock care in order to thrive within her family. An intimate awareness of all of the difficulties her family faces led my husband and I to develop this non-profit. Cali is unable to speak, but she can smile, and when my husband saw that smile it touched his heart and he knew, like you would know, how special this child and others like her are. Therefore, we decided the perfect name would be Cali’s Smile. 


Cali's Smile Charity Golf Classic

We are hosting our second Cali's Smile Charity Golf Classic at Castlewoods Country Club on September 6, 2024. We are looking for teams and sponsors.

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We provided income Assistance for a parent that had a hospitalized child out of state. She needed to stay with him in Alabama while dad had to stay home with their other child here in MS.

We connected resources with another non-profit to get a generator delivered to a family in need of one to help maintain life-saving equipment during power outages.

We held our First Annual Bay-lympics.

We delivered a medical bed which had been donated by a family to another person who needed this for his daughter. (pic of this)

We provided income Assistance for a parent with a child hospitalized because she was unable to work during this timeframe in order to be present with him in the ICU.

We held our First Annual Garage Sale - raised $12,500.00 What a wonderful turn out and amazing community support!

We purchased a bed and had it delivered for a special needs adult in Jackson, MS.

We created an Amazon Smile account for donors to help support Cali's Smile through their Amazon purchases.

We held our 2nd Annual Bay-lympics to raise money for Cali's Smile.

We received donation from Citizens National Bank.

We supported the Fallen Airman Golf Tournament.

We provided income assistance to a parent with a medically fragile child through ongoing donations from a special donor.

We hosted a Honey Baked Ham fundraiser to support Cali's Smile.

We coordinated a portable water source in conjunction with Proline Plumbing and Gas to provide a family with a medically complex child a water supply for two weeks during the Jackson water outage.

We began bathroom renovation for Cali! Many pictures to come! 

We hosted our second annual Garage Sale and raised $3,500!

We have provided financial assistance to a family in need.

We were so happy to complete a much needed project for a special family. Cali's Smile was able to create a parking pad for a precious girl that is wheelchair bound. Instead of struggling against gravel, her family will now be able to smoothly transition her into their home. Thanks to Mississippi Machinery for donating equipment, to Proline Plumbing and Gas and WWSolutions for water relocation, and to Brandon's Concrete LLC. 

We were blessed to work with Tony and Shawna Hayes from Marriage on a Mission to be able to purchase and deliver a generator to Shaquanda Meekins. Her daughter requires equipment in the home to assist with breathing and as you can imagine, power outages can become extremely stressful when worrying about how much battery life these machines can hold. It was such an honor to deliver this generator and to get to witness the goodness of God through volunteers and donors placed in our path recently. We are happy to give Shaquanda this peace of mind that her daughter’s medical equipment can function when the electricity goes out!!

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